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Life lessons for babies

Reason #253 of why I shouldn’t be trusted with children.   Like Sanitary Panels on Facebook for more comics: https://www.facebook.com/sanitarypanels/! I’m doing the #Inktober2016 challenge where I’ll be posting one comic everyday in October.   Day 6: #Inktober

Dont quit your job to travel the world

Listen pls dont quit your job to travel unless you: 1. Earn in a currency that’s strong worldwide 2. Have a strong passport (hint: America, Australia, Europe etc) 3. Aren’t a person of colour …amongst other things Here’s a quote from one of my fav pieces on traveling by The Local Tea Party: “So I … Continued


Tag the BFF who betrayed you. Day 4 #Inktober #Inktober2016

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